Suboxone Treatment Costs: Things You Need to Know

Understanding Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is the name of a brand name of Buprenorphine/Naloxone medication which has been most commonly associated with a type of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) Treatment. MOUD is the newest name for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder which was adopted in 2023 replacing the previous treatment modality name of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Buprenorphine is an opioid partial agonist which assists individuals suffering from Opioid Use Disorder with cessation of opioid or opiate use while managing withdrawal symptoms. This treatment also recently has been noticed to also assist those who have become addicted to the newer Kratom substance. Buprenorphine comes in many forms and is known by many names, however Suboxone is the most associated name with any treatment involving a Buprenorphine medication. Some of the other forms of this medication are Sublocade, Zubsolv, Subutex, Bunavail, and Probuphine. Suboxone is the most common and like some of the other brand names mentioned it contains Naloxone along with the Buprenorphine which is of great benefit to anyone in MOUD treatment.

Factors Affecting Suboxone Treatment Costs

The overall costs of Suboxone Treatment will vary for every person and across many different variables. One of the main differing factors in the cost for Suboxone Treatment will be the duration of the treatment and this will vary with every individual. As for the duration of the treatment, cost should not be a variable that decides when a person should begin or end treatment. All medical providers should want their patients to successfully complete the treatment as soon as possible, but it is important to never rush treatment completion. Obviously the longer that treatment goes on for the more the overall expense of the treatment will be for office visits, insurance copays, cost of medication, and any other additional treatment costs such as therapy. However, the cost of ending treatment too soon or rushing treatment is of no dollar value, that cost is relapse, which at times ends in fatal overdoses. Therefore, never rush your treatment and stay focused on your sobriety and building coping skills and other strategies to have a successful sobriety after treatment has completed.

The dosage of the Suboxone Treatment you are on can also play a role in the cost associated with the treatment. Again, like that of the duration of the treatment, the cost for dosage should not be a factor in the treatment itself. Maybe use the cost as a guiding motivation to lower dosage over time, but you should take the dosage that is needed to assist in successful treatment completion and avoid any relapses. Higher dosage of the medication can require two or more (although over two is rare, and generally of no medical purpose) tablets or films of the medication per day, which in turn would require more medication from the pharmacy which could equate to higher costs. As well as the dosage, the type of medication with Suboxone Treatment can cause the cost to change. Suboxone itself is a name brand medication which has a higher price tag than compared to generic form of Buprenorphine/Naloxone. Varying types of medication such as Sublocade and Zubsolv can have different costs, often more expensive that traditional Suboxone. Lastly, there can be great price differences between pharmacies. Often the larger chain pharmacies can offer the medication at lower costs than privately owned pharmacies.

The geographical location of your Suboxone Treatment facility can also affect the cost of the treatment. Varying regions across the country can have different prices for treatment based off that area, same as how cost of living in different areas will vary. There are other factors with location as well, such as the type of facility. With the ability for some facilities to run more efficiently with the use of telehealth/telemedicine since COVID-19 as well as decrease their overhead, many of those facilities can offer more affordable treatment than the traditional in-person facilities. Also, the type of treatment itself will have varying costs. Some individuals need to start with a completely in-person treatment facility and medical detoxification. Any facility in which you stay for any period will be of the highest cost. Next is intensive outpatient which along with the Suboxone Treatment would be ample counseling services provided. Any other services, many which are often needed or at least recommended, have additional costs in the totality of the price of the addiction treatment.

The cost of attending treatment can be a factor in the total price of Suboxone Treatment. There is a cost associated with traveling to a Suboxone Treatment facility which can include gasoline, wear and tear on your vehicle, public transportation costs, and the cost of any missed work. These associated costs can often be avoided by utilizing a Suboxone Telehealth facility such as Milestones Wellness Centers which off 100 percent fully remote Suboxone Telehealth Treatment. Other areas that can add to the Suboxone Treatment cost may be costs associated with drug testing or other fees. Some of the large Suboxone Telehealth companies may have other fees for required services which are not seen in the upfront initial cost, this is important to watch out for and ask about when signing up for a Suboxone Treatment facility.

Insurance Coverage for Suboxone Treatment

Insurance coverage can easily assist in the cost associated with Suboxone Treatment. Medicaid and Medicare both can cover the full or partial cost of the Suboxone Treatment and/or medication itself. Your eligibility for this type of insurance will depend on many factors and you will need to apply with your state, like the Welfare Office, to see if you are eligible. Unfortunately, due to the low payout amounts to medical facilities with government insurance many Suboxone Treatment facilities may not accept this insurance or limit the number of patients on this insurance.

With Medicaid and Medicare, the Behavioral Health component of this insurance can be handled by another company different than the main medical coverage. This is not readily noticeable as it often is not listed on your insurance card. What this can cause is for a Suboxone Treatment facility being in-network and covered under Medicaid Company for medical treatment but is not able to work with a patient because of the facility is not in-network with the company handling the Behavioral Health component. When this happens it will generally require the patient to attend a Suboxone Treatment facility that has in-house psychiatric and counselling services and attend those as well to meet the insurance and treatment facility requirements.

Private Insurance is another option to assist with the cost of Suboxone Treatment. This coverage can be purchased on your own, offered through your employer, or obtained through a relatives’ insurance plan. Private insurance varies greatly depending on hundreds of factors, but here are some to pay attention to. First, is to see what your out-of-pocket deductible will be for the insurance plan. This could greatly increase the price for your treatment, as this deductible must be met before insurance will cover any payment for treatment. After this deductible is met not all insurance companies will still cover all the cost of the treatment. Other insurance companies may have varying amounts of co-pays associated with different types of medical expenses, including Suboxone Treatment. Second, co-pay totals can vary greatly depending on the private insurance company provider. Again, like that of Medicaid and Medicare not all Suboxone Treatment facilities will be in-network with that insurance provider and be able to accept that type of payment.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Financial Assistance

There can be other out-of-pocket expenses associated with Suboxone Treatment. As previously mentioned, one is the cost associated with attending treatment, which can include gasoline, wear and tear on your vehicle, public transportation, parking, and/or time lost at work. Often many of these out-of-pocket costs can be mitigated by using Suboxone Treatment that is fully telehealth or telemedicine such as with Milestones Wellness Centers. Other out-of-pocket expenses can be those of deductibles, co-pays, prescription costs, or any additional cost associated with your treatment. In some states there are other areas of financial assistance available to those seeking substance abuse treatment such as with Suboxone Treatment. The names of these institutions of assistance may change per state or even within the state, but the principle is the same, just research would be needed. And a quality Suboxone Treatment facility, such as Milestones Wellness Centers, will be able to provide you with this information and assist you were possible. These institutions are often called the Drug and Alcohol Commission or something similar in nature. If your state has these, they are there to assist those in need of substance abuse treatment. In the state of Pennsylvania, they can assist individuals in the costs such as total treatment cost (for those without insurance), cost of co-pays, and even assist in transportation or other costs associated with treatment.

There are prescription assistance programs which can help offset the cost of the medication itself. One of the most commonly used is GoodRX which offers discounts on many medications, including Buprenorphine based medications such as Suboxone. At times the manufacturer of the medication may offer discounts such as with Suboxone and Zubsolv. These discounts can have varying stipulations such as requiring you to be on private insurance or paying cash for the discounted rate. You will need to research each of the discount programs to see which would be of best benefit to you. It is also important to note that not all pharmacies will accept prescription assistance programs or discount programs.

Making an Informed Decision

There were many factors mentioned regarding the cost of Suboxone Treatment, which can seem overwhelming at times. But these are important factors to consider when setting yourself up for successful recovery. Therefore, when looking at which treatment options you have and what is feasible, it is important to make lists of the various areas both financial and personal to you. First, you should make your treatment a priority above most other things in your life. Why? Because continued addiction can easily lead to fatal overdoses, especially with the ever increasing chemically altered opioids and opiates out there with mixtures of Fentanyl and Xylazine. And as treatment is of paramount importance for any active addiction, the treatment options has to be feasible for them to be able to attend and successfully complete treatment.

One of the most important factors regarding treatment should be the quality of the Suboxone Treatment facility. Sadly, many treatment facilities, such as the large country-wide facilities, do not have exceptional treatment philosophies and treat patients as a number and part of a revenue stream. Researching a facility and seeing others’ opinions should be considered when looking for a Suboxone Treatment provider. Obviously chose one that has many good reviews but do understand that not all reviews are going to be exceptional and at times some reviews are fake. Many individuals are reluctant to leave reviews on platforms like Google to protect their privacy in treatment. However, it is easy to see true reviews as they will usually be lengthier and give some information. The best source to find a good quality Suboxone Treatment facility is by asking anyone that has completed or is currently in such treatment.

Once you have settled on a Suboxone Treatment facility it is then important to see if you can afford the cost of treatment. If you have any form of health insurance, a simple call to that facility will let you know if they accept your insurance. If they do, their staff will call and verify the coverage and can let you know if you have a deductible, co-pay, or any other financial responsibilities. Many offices also have self-pay options for those without insurance. In the event the treatment appears to be unaffordable at the current time, do the math and see if it truly costs more than your addiction, most likely it is greatly cheaper to go to treatment. And if additional financial assistance is available, look towards county and state resources such as Drug and Alcohol Commissions, or what they are called in your state. Again a quality Suboxone Treatment facility will be able to assist you in learning the assistances that are available to you and help guide you in that direction, as a quality facility will truly care and do all they can to help you start and stay in treatment.

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